Windows 10 – S Mode Is Optional

Windows 10 in S Mode, What is it and should you use it?

Windows 10 Home devices are now being shipped in ‘S Mode’ which is a more secure version of Windows that only allows users to install applications from the Microsoft Store and browse the internet using Microsoft Edge.

Using S Mode is Microsoft’s way of ensuring that customers are benefiting from the best security, performance, and stability with this mode as non-approved applications/software cannot be installed.


There are a few reasons that you should consider using your Windows device in S Mode

  • Security – Without the ability to download any applications, viruses and malware is much less common
  • Any apps purchased across the Windows Store are accessible on your S Mode devices


While S Mode is inherently more secure, there are many features that Windows users will be used to, that they cannot do whilst in S Mode.

  • Default Browser – You cannot use any other browser than Microsoft Edge, and you cannot change the default search engine from Bing
  • Microsoft Store – Many apps used by users aren’t available in the Store yet, making S Mode limited for usability
  • Powershell/Scripts cannot be run whilst in S Mode
  • Gaming – Video Games are playable in S Mode, but only from applications available on the Store

How to Check If You’re Using S Mode

If any of the above limitations are affecting you, you’re probably in S Mode. You can check your device by heading over to Settings > System > About

Under ‘Windows Specifications’ you should see the following:

Windows 10 S Mode

S Mode is optional

S Mode is installed and configured by default on some Windows 10 devices, however, you can switch out of it.

If you wish to switch out of S mode, you can do so by clicking here

From the link above, you will need to install the app ‘Switch out of S Mode’ which will install and convert your Operating System to Windows 10. The switch is currently one-way, meaning that you cannot go back into S Mode once you’ve left it.

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