Bloatware Decrapifier

Removing Bloatware from your PC

What is Bloatware? Bloatware is typically what Manufacturers will install on a brand new machine to offer services such as driver updates, software versions, online shop applications, product registration etc. It’s usually configured to open the software when your PC boots meaning that instantly your shiny new machine is already running sluggish. What’s safe to delete? Generally, anything inside ‘Programs and Features’ in Windows is ‘Safe’ to delete, meaning that while you may want something you may have deleted in…

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How to protect yourself from Ransomware

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a form of Malware that will restrict access to personal files on your machine by encrypting them and demanding a ransom to provide the end users with a secure key to  decrypt their files. How do I know if I’m infected? Most ransomware infections usually make it clear to you that you’re infected. If they didn’t tell you, they’re less likely to be paid. Some of the most common signs are: Text or HTML file created…

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Free Malware Removal

Have you ever wondered how PC repair shops can justify charging you £50 to remove a Virus or Malware from your PC? The short answer is, they can’t! Removing a Virus or Malware infection from a PC or Laptop is fast, easy and in most cases, even free! Let’s begin. Assuming the worst, you probably can’t open most programs on your computer as certain types of Malware will change file extensions to make your device as unusable as possible. Prior…

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